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Federal Investigators and Jamie Zawinksi

Date: 20-Aug-2008/12:22+3:00

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I was working on a laptop and was pretty sure I was dreaming, because this often happens... where I'm using a computer that has a lot more programs installed on it than mine. It was running OS/X and had some kind of hardware/driver utility open... so you could see all the things installed on the machine.
Firing up a web browser, I tried to Google for my name, but someone else was typing at me--using the URL bar as a place to have a conversation. They indicated that they knew I was trying to search for myself, and began to type as I watched.
typed: "Your problems with madness started in June 2001, when Federal investigators knocked on your door and took you to meet Jamie Zawinski"
Note Jamie Zawinkski is the infamous "jwz", who is a programmer who worked on the Mozilla project, who is also a somewhat prolific blogger. I do not know him personally, but stylistically I'd say we have a lot in common... especially, well, the prolific part. From surface metrics I'd say he seems like a reasonable, curious, and intelligent fellow.
After this, the writing started to turn red. A hand moved in to block the red writing so I could not read it. Angrily I tried to bite or move the hand, but this was ineffective, and I couldn't read the rest of the story.
Note Since this is the second time some relationship between me and Mozilla has been mentioned, I added a tag for it. Outside of using Firefox, I've not been involved in the project in any way.
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