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Hitler and the Homeless

Date: 23-Aug-2008/9:12+3:00

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Characters: me, blond

I was waiting in line at some kind of food counter and saw an attractive blond girl who seemed to recognize me. She sidled up to me and I touched her, I was in some kind of awareness that I was dreaming.
me: "Um, hey, sorry is that ok?"
blond: (smiling) "I'm a uni."
me: "Uni what? Are you in some kind of... union?"
She didn't answer that.
blond: "Where are you from?"
me: "Um... the year 2000?"
blond: "Which part? Earth?"
me: "Yes."
Her smile disappeared.
blond: "That is not looked upon highly."
me: "Hey, well me neither, I didn't like it very much."
blond: "Well just because you're here now, this isn't because of anything about you... you just slipped through a crack in the fabric."
me: "Look, I'm not asking for anything. Please don't attack me. I just want to know how I got here, and what's going to happen to me in the future."
blond: "Well, there is a screening process."
We began walking through a very beautiful and refined mall-type environment, a classier version of the wacky and well done interiors of certain Vegas casinos.
blond: "Your world was too competive."
me: "You mean, com-pet-it-ive?"
blond: "Yes, a lot of contention for resources. Here hotel rooms are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. For example. There are exceptions, but few."
me: "That sounds nice in theory, but what do you do when there are people who are pathological? The homeless who cannot or will not work?"
blond: (smiling) "I kill them."
me: "What?! You, personally, kill people just because they don't have homes?"
blond: "There are many military operations, I'm part of some."
me: "Well there has to be a better way! If you're all evolved and we're such dumb schmucks, can't you come up with something more elegant than extermination?"
I woke up kinda pissed off as we walked into a club-like area.
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