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Hax0red by the Crimson Circle

Date: 23-Aug-2008/9:21+3:00

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Characters: woman, me, man one, man two

I got on a bus of sorts, which was more like a pickup truck you just jumped into the back of. I realized it was carrying me further away from my destination, so I wanted to get off. It would back up in various spots, at seemingly handicapped-enabled water fountains... pause for a second... and then start up again. When I noticed this, I looked and saw that there was no driver.
Hopping off at the next water fountain, I started walking back the way I came, through some kind of urban tunnel. When I did, I saw what looked like a plastic mat sliding along the ground, translucent with glowing yellow writing. I marveled at it, and a woman stopped to talk to me.
woman: "It is used for police operations."
me: "How does it work?"
woman: "Get on."
I got on it, and she started making it move somehow. We went to some office, with many computers. I felt very lucid. She fired up something on a computer with a projector, and encouraged me to try it.
woman: "Pick up that disc. Now throw it."
What was on the screen was an augmented reality system. It realistically reflected my arm and let me interact with virtual objects on the screen.
me: "Yes... lately, I've been talking to people about augmented reality. What is the name of your company?"
woman: "We are (company name). We did the very early demos..."
Note Cannot remember the company name, it was two words.
me: "Do you mind if I, er, use your Google?"
woman: "If you wish."
There were other people in the room. They watched me as I tried to look up my homepage. In the place of my homepage was something about being a friend of the "Crimson Circle".
I know one person affiliated with this group. A non-"realityhandbook" address recently got an email from someone in that group on an unrelated topic, that said merely "Welcome Shaumbra". Despite the brevity of that message, I replied with a link to this journal. Of Shaumbra, the page says:
You're not going crazy, you're just Shaumbra moving into the new energy.
It says other things too.
me: "See, this Crimson Circle thing, I don't really know them. How are they taking over my homepage? I'm going to view source."
A small child came running up to me, and as I've had bad experiences with children in dreams I picked him up and threw him a little ways away. When he came again I threw him again, which seemed to discourage him from another attack.
me: "I'm sorry, not trying to hurt that kid, he was just coming right for me."
The people were watching, and they started arguing amongst themselves.
man one: "You must balance therapeutic processes with guided disciplinary action when dealing with him."
Note I interpreted them to be looking at and discussing me in this context. Guess there's an off chance they might have meant the speedy child.
me: "Yes! Yes. Er. More therapy, and more explanations, and less attacking! Can we do that? I mean, try EXPLAINING what I don't know to me and we'll make a lot more progress."
man two: (exasperated) "But what if... what if you are missing the code you need to understand what you aren't getting?! What then?"
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