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Welcome to Garfield Minus Garfield, City Limit

Date: 28-Jul-2008/8:20+3:00

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Characters: me, man, asian man, dog

I'd been wandering around running crazy errands, but found myself in a kitchen and realized I was dreaming. Curious about what was in the cupboards and drawers, I started opening them. It was a lot of can openers and miscellaneous items... but I came across a phone book and decided to look at that. Opening it to the middle, I saw it had a section for "Denton".
Note There are a fair number of places called Denton, apparently.
As I turned the pages, the headings crossed into other things, like Devo. Puzzled, I went to the next room, where many people were seated.
me: "Hey, how do you spell the name of the city we are in right now?"
My question seemed to cause a bit of confusion. An Indian-looking man on the sofa answered me.
man: "Dee. Eee. L. B. Eee. R. T."
me: "Dilbert?! Why would you live in a city named Dilbert? Dilbert is a cartoon, about a nerdy engineer."
I flipped to that page. The next thing I knew the scene blipped and I was standing at a table in front of two people. One was an older Asian man.
me: "Okay, so... yeah, Dilbert, Devo... they're all being passed off as cities."
asian man: "All right, got it."
me: "So what happens now?"
asian man: "Well we're going to come out of the woodwork now."
me: "Really?"
asian man: "No."
me: "All right, I'm sick of these experiences. This is too..."
asian man: "Isolating?"
me: "Yes, the weirdest... scariest... most interesting part of my life is so disconnected. And I just can't take it."
Stomping off I was startled by a giant furry dog walking on its hind legs, or someone in a very convincing dog costume.
dog: "C'mon. What's there to be afraid of. How many movies with talking dogs end up with anyone getting hurt?"
me: "Reasonable point."
I ran into more people dressed in fur suits of some kind and a large, strange party.
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