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It Happened In Dallas

Date: 7-Apr-2006/11:09+3:00

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Characters: woman, me, bartender, voice

I was in some kind of airport and trying to get to the terminal in time for my flight. A woman intercepted me and we got in a conversation about Los Angeles.
woman: "Y'know, I love L.A. It's such a great place, all the people there are so tall. When I was last there, I met [politician] and we had a blast...it was amazing how quickly I could hit it off with people there."
me: "I'm looking for Flight 300. I need to find it before I miss my plane."
woman: "I'm looking for Flight 300 too! Do you know how to make it to the gate?"
me: "I think so. There are some stairways, and I think a shortcut if we go through this restaurant."
The restaurant was also a brewery, and as soon as we stepped inside I addressed the bartender.
me: "I'm looking for Flight 300."
bartender: (jokingly) "Oh. Well, maybe you should speak to the man at the end of the bar...he fancies himself a pilot."
Suddenly a disembodied voice boomed into my head.
voice: "We've got it now. It happened in DALLAS."
Involuntarily, I sprang into action. Somehow I pushed my head through the ceiling into some new dimension, and it involved shoving my arms through what seemed like layers of blankets with maps on them. The maps were of cities, and I began hunting for Dallas. I felt there was a presence collaborating with me.
me: "I don't see Dallas anywhere on this map. It should be here, in the middle of the country. In Texas."
In a very abstract way we scrambled around until I was shown a piece of a map that looked like Texas and was labeled "Ft. Worth"
me: "Oh, yes. Yes--I think Fort Worth and Dallas are the same thing. I've seen them hyphenated, you'd use the same airport to get there, in any case."
Note My midwest geography knowledge is nothing to write home about. But it does turn out that they are separately incorporated, although Fort Worth is in close proximity to Dallas.
At this point, a small white plastic square showed up with the Apple logo on it, and the text "CNC dots". There were three black dots on it. I was able to peel the dots off, and return to the bar with the woman I'd met.
woman: "Ok, now we need to eat them."
I ate the first, the second, and as I was swallowing the third I awoke.
Note Upon wakeup, I looked up "CNC dots" and found that the term CNC is applied in Computer Numeric Control. It's a term I think I've heard once before in my life but not paid much attention to. They did look a bit like "DataDot DNA.
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