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Nuts and Bolts and Checkers

Date: 18-Aug-2008/6:19+3:00

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Characters: me, her, geeky guy, woman, man

I believed myself to be awake and talking to a friend, who wasn't acting like herself.
her: "I just found out about this Lindows crap."
me: "I don't know that Lindows is any crappier than Windows. At least it runs on Linux."
her: "Uh...what is 'Lindows'? I said 'Windows'."
me: "Sorry, must have misheard you. This is channeling, it's error prone."
her: "Well, what does Windows want us to do?"
me: "Don't know that I'd personify an operating system to the point that I'd give it desires. But, hm, if it 'wants' anything it wants you to send Bill Gates money. Don't do that, though. Money is irritating."
Our conversation wandered to the point where I realized I was dreaming, and I ended up getting abused by some people. A person with a digital camera was watching, and motioned me to get out of the way.
me: "Oh, am I not supposed to be in the shot? Why not?"
The guys with the camera showed me the viewfinder. They were carefully trying to make sure the shot contained those people, as well as certain graphics behind them. There were color codes and lines, it's like my very purposefully assembled screenshots.
me: "This is tough for me, because the same techniques can be used in exploitation. Sure, I busted these guys now, but how do I know if you helped or if you're just creating the next level of problem?"
The guys with the camera just kinda smiled and shrugged. They were both wearing the same kinda wacky and tacky shirts. I followed them out into an open area that felt like the inside of a mall, and struck up a conversation with a geeky-looking guy.
geeky guy: "How are people doing on your planet?"
me: "Poorly! Guess that's relative, but I'm not happy. Wait, you know about planets?"
geeky guy: "Yeah, I live on one."
me: "I live on Earth. What's yours called?"
geeky guy: "I'm from the Mother Earth community."
He pointed out a logo on his shirt and some text that said something about Mother Earth.
me: "Are there different Earths? Was there an 'original' Earth? What variation am I from?"
geeky guy: "We gathered some data, and if you hold on while I look at it, I can tell you."
At this point a young girl handed him a large number of bolts of various sizes and rustiness, some checkers from various board games, and a few other relics. He started putting them into sections on a tray and measuring them. I started laughing.
me: "When this stuff first started happening, I was like 'no! really! I am not crazy, this is for real!' Now that you're here measuring bolts and checkers to taxonomize which alternate reality version of the planet I'm from, I'm thinking...uh, maybe I have gone completely batshit insane."
geeky guy: "I know how you feel, and so do a lot of others."
me: "This would make a good scene in a movie."
He walked into a room where a woman was seated. I tried to walk in but she motioned at me not to come in the door.
woman: "No, no, Quicktime is not allowed in here."
me: "Quicktime is a video format."
woman: "The reasons it's not allowed are published in the paper."
man: "Those reasons were flawed."
woman: "Yes, but not every mistake ever made needs to be corrected, there will be no retraction or correction published in the next edition."
I wound up in a fight with some people in a field, and while I was waking up I saw a book that was supposed to be on the topic of self-help. It had the Windows logo on it, and the title was something like I'm old, I'm outdated, and I'm only 100x100 pixels. What should I do?. The vague impression came to me that someone was talking about new approaches to wake people up from the Matrix.
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