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One Thousand Desaults

Date: 5-Dec-2008/8:55+3:00

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Characters: me, cartoon

I'd snapped out of a lucid phase in a dream and believed myself to have my eyes open in my bed, and looking at my room. (In retrospect, I now realize that I was seeing some other room.) But despite looking at a relatively ordinary circumstance, I could see a little blue-shaded cartoon character... translucent... overlaid on my field of view.
The character art style reminded me of Scott McCloud's work:
...though he had pupils, like Waldo from Where's Waldo. He was wearing glasses had on headphones of some sort.
I could move my arm out, and when I did, the character's eyes would look at where my hand felt like it went. I did this a few times--moving it around and watching his pinpoint eyes move, but none of the rest of the animation changed. I poked my hand directly at him, and started speaking.
me: "Hey! Hey! Can you hear me?"
His answer came back as text, which was written very small and I had to look very closely to see.
cartoon: "My name is Dvorak. I'm the head of a company valued at the top of the Forbes list, but also involved in a secret government intelligence organization."
Note Lately I've spent time with someone who frequently uses the Dvorak alternative keyboard layout.
me: "Hello Dvorak, this is going to be a difficult conversation to have this way. I'd be happy to meet you in person. Can we arrange it?"
cartoon: "Wish I could, but I can't. I'm trying to find someone nearer to you. As it is, I'm having my hands full just trying to track you and to help stop the people trying to attack you. You're in danger due to a network of thousands of agents known as 'desaults'. Their plan up until now was to murder you, and then put your body in this graveyard."
When he spoke, it moved to a view of a morgue-type place with bodies in it, as if I was being shown a slideshow.
cartoon: "They want to prevent you from developing your powers further and using them to manipulate people."
The slide shifted to showing a person stealing a giant jewel, by using some kind of telepathic powers to overrun the minds of the guards.
cartoon: "You have, in fact, some of the most impressive PK abilities I think I've ever seen, and it's a little bit unnerving. But this is the cycle of things, the way nature is... the old must face and embrace the new, it's always changing. Some day the new will be surpassed as well."
I had a false awakening in a room and believed myself to be up. When I did, I felt some kind of animal jump on my arm. It didn't seem to be an attack, so I tried to remain calm as I went and found a lightswitch. I noticed that the animal had been a cat, which was very friendly. I was a bit concerned about turning on the light having just been told that there were thousands of people trying to kill me, but...I did anyway. Then I tried to write the dream down on my laptop for a while before realizing that I was still asleep, and so I had to write it down again.
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