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You Should Have Your Memory Back

Date: 5-Dec-2008/8:18+3:00

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Characters: me, child, woman, man

Somehow I wound up talking to a very small child--nearly a baby--outdoors near a large pool. Despite the apparent age, this child had the aura of a mature adult. We spoke through a kind of seeming telepathy.
me: "What can you tell me?"
child: "Really we've tracked it down to [person]. So we're going to have to go back in time and fix when he intervened."
me: "Go back in time eh? Well I guess if it's possible, we'll be wanting to do that more than once!"
child: "Yes, we can put in a freeze byte, there will be opportunities."
Note I don't remember the word used to modify "byte", but it was some word I wasn't familiar with seeing associated with "byte"--which is the technical term for a small amount of computer memory, which is enough to store an integer value between 0 and 255
me: "Hm, what is a freeze byte?"
The child looked at me with some surprise and a concerned affection.
child: "Baby, if we're talking...you should have your memory back! Otherwise, how can you be here?"
me: "I'm sorry but I don't know. Maybe I've lost my mind and it's not coming back."
Our conversation was cut off when the lights in the room suddenly went out, and some kind of fisherman came along and attacked someone else--but left me alone. A Golden Retriever came along and picked me up onto its back somehow, and started carrying me along. It took me along a path to a very nice house and threw me onto a bunk bed of some kind. The only help I could offer was to open a door somewhere along the way.
Once I'd gotten out of bed I summoned the dog and praised it for doing a good job. It seemed to like being petted as an ordinary dog would. I walked along and came across a woman in a kitchen.
me: "Where are we? What is this place?"
woman: "It's kind of embarrassing actually, but, we live here free. It's Noah's house."
me: "Noah?"
woman: "Noah... who founded the Bagel chain."
me: "You mean Noah as in 'Noah's Bagels'."
woman: "Yes."
me: "Okay, that's weird, I know someone else named Noah."
An older-looking man joined us, and there was a bit of an odd scramble to find
me: "So what state are we in?"
woman: "We're in Minnesota."
me: "But where in Minnesota?"
man: "No, we're not in Minnesota, don't listen to her. This is Texas."
me: "Okay, but what city?"
man: "Chicago, but in the zone R2113."
Note R2113 is not what he said, but it was an R followed by some numbers.
me: "All right, that doesn't make any sense to me. I mean, our maps could be all scrambled so we can't communicate. But where I'm from, Chicago is a city in Illinois. And although sometimes there are cities with the same name located in several states, I doubt there is a Chicago in Texas. An example of a famous city in Texas would be, say, Austin."
There was a large colorful map of the world on the floor. I watched as an animation of this map showed the states of the US divided into squares and then reformed in another pattern. Shortly thereafter I woke up.
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