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Paper Monsters

Date: 27-Dec-2004/15:38+3:00

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Characters: administrator, me

I was applying for citizenship of some sort, and I sat down at a desk with a paper to fill out my information. I kept losing the paper, and picking up other papers, until there was a heap of papers on my desk. An administrative person walked by and shook her head.
administrator: "You shouldn't get lost in the paperwork. Be careful and take it one page at a time."
me: (shrugging) "It's not my fault. It seems like your papers are breeding here on the desk as we speak. Why...just look!"
The papers started heaping up, and I felt I was causing this telekinetically. At this point I was feeling a bit cocky, so I directed my attention to a nearby bookshelf.
me: "This whole place is a disaster, your books don't even stay on the shelves!!"
A book jumped off the shelf and I guided it so it slammed up against a nearby support beam and then went flying back the other direction. Then I made another book jump up and hit the beam from the other side. People seemed to take that in stride, so I walked around pulling off a few other interesting tricks...like getting a door to lock and barricade itself so some people couldn't get out of a room.
It seemed like I was then eaten by a herd of giant fuzzy dragon-looking things, though it was hard to tell.
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