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The Buried Brain Grid

Date: 12-Feb-2007/14:09+3:00

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Characters: gray guy, me

One dream fragment had me watching a strange video with an animation. In the plot, a naked man (who I understood at the time to be Walt Disney) was being buried in some kind of mechanical cryonic tomb. The tomb was very deep underground.
For the next part it's like I was in the tomb. Somehow the system had decided that enough time had passed that it would begin to automatically exhume itself so it would be found. Motors and mechanisms were beginning to churn and dig upwards, and I could see lots of layers of barriers and locks unfolding, while my perspective kept shifting to higher altitudes.
As I raised up, I saw a humongous grid of brain-type things in boxes. It was very creepy, and I was a bit terrified to think I was alive after death and accept the new reality of being a preserved brain-in-a-jar.
I started trying to open a bolt on a door using a wrench, and two ordinary-looking guys in gray outfits came along. They brought out a little squishy creature that looked a bit like a jellyfish, which further creeped me out.
gray guy: "If you want to, she can interface with you and be your third arm."
me: "What is that thing? And where am I? What relation does this place have to my life? Am I one of the brains in this warehouse, and if so, are you able to determine which one by me telling you what I know?"
gray guy: "What would really help would be if you had some magnets."
Note I interpreted this statement as meaning that I would need to have magnets near me in my waking life to be found. I now realize that maybe they were still telling me how to open the door.
me: "I don't have any magnets in my bed, but there's a laptop at the foot. Does that help?"
At that point, I was awoken by a New Email notification sound...and I think it was real. But unfortunately I did not actually wake up, and instead I checked that email on a dream computer.
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