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Weapons of Mass Instruction

Date: 13-Jul-2009/10:20+3:00

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Characters: me, military man, young man

Was at the entrance to the apartment building where I am staying, and the manager was speaking to some people about someone who was 70 years old but looked 50. Some other people were around, including a man in a military uniform and an older man who was being called "Mr. President". I recognized this as George Bush Sr.
Note I don't think he really looked like George Bush Sr. or not, but in this context he was supposed to be an older former president.
I shook his hand and said hi in a friendly way, but shifted quickly toward a joking and mocking manner.
me: "So you're the third president to be coming around this building today! And here we have... let's see, a major general?"
military man: "Sargeant major general."
me: (amused) "If I remember correctly, that's considered an even bigger deal. What are you guys doing here?"
military man: "We're not going to discuss that."
me: "AND it's a SECRET! Wow, tons of important people coming by such a cheap residence--nothing special about it at all. I can't think of one reason they'd be interested except...wait..."
I made a gesture of exaggerated false realization.
me: "Wait a minute! I'M HERE!"
At this point I made an ominous face and glared, pointing.
me: "Well I don't want you important people to stress yourselves so much with long trips to my apartment. Because very soon, we'll be bringing what's in this apartment to you."
Then I turned to walk back to the building. A younger man who had been walking along with us commented to the group.
young man: "We have confirmed that the building contains weapons of mass instruction."
me: (stopping) "You could put it that way. I kind of like that."
young man: "When the Chemical Brothers told me what was going on here, I didn't believe them. This is going to blow people's minds...literally."
Note The Chemical Brothers are an electronic music group.
He tapped the side of his head with his finger.
young man: "But I don't know if I'm ready. Guess it doesn't matter if I'm ready or not."
me: "Being a little smarter never hurt anyone. Or did it?"
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