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The Molten Lead of the LEGO Spirit

Date: 13-Jul-2009/10:42+3:00

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Characters: man, me

I was in a room with very high ceilings. A large black man with a beard was showing me a series of torsos that were racked up against the wall.
man: "Nothing has been lost. Here are all the major figures of your culture, from every era...no matter how insignificant. All of them can be revived, brought back to life."
There was a lift that took me up to see all the characters and get a closer look. When I inspected them, they seemed to be the upper half of Lego "mini-figs" for various popular culture characters. Batman was among them.
me: "Uh, I think you may have been misinformed. These are the upper halves of LEGO people."
man: "All it takes is a drop of the molten lead...the lead which has become the cursed bane of all...to revive them."
me: "Have you ever actually tried? Because I'm certain these are LEGOs. Maybe you need to demonstrate this by like--bringing Batman to life."
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