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Feeling Magical

Date: 14-Jul-2009/11:10+3:00

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Characters: me, man, pizza guy, girl

I'd gotten into an argument about whether I was in a dream or not. I was insisting that I was.
me: "Let's look at the location. This is Florida. In order to get to Florida, we would have had to take some kind of trip. Can you outline the details of that trip? No. Let's see...what is today. I know it's 2009. And... 4th of July was recent, so it's like... a large single-digit July date."
As I spoke, there was an increase of activity around me. Buildings began flashing numbers and words as if they were in code, and people were running around exchanging papers with each other. Stars began to come out in the sky, and I walked off down an interesting path. A man followed along.
man: "So... do you feel like you're magical right now?"
me: "Magical? Oh, I don't know...sort of. This is going to turn out the same as everything else, I guess. I'll be waking up shortly with no real measurable effect. If that's what being magical is, I've been it for a long time. What I really need is some faith that this is going to add up to something."
We were walking along a path that was dark, but had occasional things that would pop up and illuminate like Disney's nightly electric parade. Giant wheels would come spinning out of the darkness--they reminded me of the giant wheel on The Price is Right:
The difference was that these wheels were illuminated, and their color scheme was worked up as blue and yellow with ads for Blockbuster Video.
A guy wearing a white chef outfit with stacks of pizzas in cardboard boxes began to lay them out in a line for people. Some were for specific people, and others were just out.
pizza guy: "Joe sent these."
me: "Do you have any vegetarian ones?"
pizza guy: "Yes, we have the V8 pizza right here...vegetables and mozarrella."
me: "Well I might as well have some while I'm here."
Took a couple bites of pizza, which led to a false awakening where I was telling a girl about the dream.
me: "...so I guess it's the same old thing. Nonsense, then I wake up!"
girl: "The only reason you have to go through this confusion so long is because you're being extremely thorough. You won't let even one scumbag get away."
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