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300 (ooo) and Spinach

Date: 31-May-2008/8:10+3:00

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Characters: me, woman, him

I was at a strange school, wandering around the cafeteria, trying to rendezvous with my parents who were coming to meet me. Some people were talking about how they couldn't afford the standard school cafeteria. As I was touring about I ran into a "Wild Foods and Vegetables" social group which had basically what seemed like a free buffet of salads and tofu. A woman smiled at me.
me: "That looks very good, and if I weren't looking for someone I would stop and join you."
woman: "Yes, we're doing pretty well, but we've got a lot left over. But y'know, if people choose the other cafeteria and the meat, that means it's right...because whatever people choose was the right thing."
I didn't argue with her, but as I walked off I thought about how people choose things like to participate in the Holocaust, and that wasn't right. But I felt like there must be more subtle ways of making such points.
As I walked back toward the main entrance, spinach or something kept coming out of my mouth, I felt it was streaming down my throat.
When I reached the entrance, I somehow started reading a news article about an artificial intelligence, and they had an interview with it. It was asked some various questions, about what it thought about its job serving humanity. Some other random questions were in there, like what its four favorite logo designs were. I was also reading an article about how the military had put the AI in control of an attack helicopter and told it basically that they trusted it to use the helicopter wisely to take out whoever it thought was a bad guy.
A wiry looking guy in a hat faced off with me, and I snarled at him for some reason.
me: "Oh, not like I'm going to trust a warmonger like you who's been involved in military slaughters to head a project like this."
him: "Well maybe I've learned a thing or two about death and destruction in my lifetime, and now I'm using that knowledge to try and prevent more of it."
Somehow my tongue was a very long plastic sheet which unraveled and got caught in the machinations of some kind of conveyor belt. He smiled sadistically about this plight.
him: "What are you going to do NOW?"
Realizing he could stop the conveyor, I decided to compromise.
me: "All right, you win, you're right."
He stopped the conveyor.
me: "Doesn't mean I'm wrong, there are multiple valid perspectives on how to deal with conflict."
He restarted the conveyor, and I just tried to sever my tongue by biting it off before I was pulled into the machine. Failing at this, I awoke to something about 300 CS--and saw 3 circles in a row, as if the number 3 were somehow significant for me to remember. Another piece of information that was somehow significant was that Adobe Illustrator had been "converted to Gcode".
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