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Superman's Motorcycle Car

Date: 2-Jun-2008/8:55+3:00

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Characters: me, coworker

I was in an office with a computer and nervous about the fact that I'd gotten to work late. However, no one had noticed yet. Anxiously I tried to wake the computer up from sleep so there was something on the screen. There was a password prompt, and I realized I had no idea what the password was. A coworker walked in.
me: "Argh, I forgot my password."
coworker: "Just send an email to me requesting a new one."
me: "Is that secure to give out new passwords just because of an email request? How would you know it was legitimate?"
coworker: "Because we're talking about it right now."
me: "Oh, well in this case yes. I meant more generally--resetting passwords because of email requests. But even still, how do you know I'm me?"
Somehow this transitioned into where I was watching videos. The first was of a small car which was able to merge with a motorcycle to make a larger car. Somehow in the midst of this, Superman walked on the screen...waved...and flew off.
coworker: (puzzled) "What is Superman doing in that commercial?"
The coworker shook his head and left, and I continued watching the new segment that had started. It was a documentary about the problems of corporate IT departments withdrawing accounts from people who don't work for them anymore. They talked about how many files they lost, and how what made them maddest was when people would manually restore missing files. A comment on a white board said that "if anyone manually restores a file instead of going through proper backup procedures, they deserve a painful death". An arrow was drawn on this in another form of handwriting said something like "good point! --Jeff :)"
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