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Congratulations, Babies!

Date: 3-Jun-2008/8:14+3:00

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Characters: me, pilot, hoverer, woman, girl, man

I was riding in some kind of spaceship, and wearing a vest which was something like a jetpack. There was a pilot and copilot in the front on swiveling chairs. Then there were three people hovering in a stationary position behind us. My jetpack was out of control and I was flying in front of the pilot and copilot in circles. They seemed more annoyed than amused.
me: "How come those guys are just hovering while my suit is propelling me all over the place?"
pilot: (to hoverers) "Will someone set up another one for him?"
hoverer: "I don't know what the deal is, ours aren't even turned on."
Squirming out of my propeller vest, I put on a new one that was offered to me. I could now comfortably probe around the ship. There were various backpacks and items, including boxes of condoms and boxes of cigarettes.
Note Some part of me realized that this was a military operation and things like condoms and cigarettes were contraband. Thus, I left them out so that the pilot would not forget to get them.
I started packing the loose items where I saw other items were being stored. I looked around until I found it, and placed it in my pocket.
Note I do not have an iPhone, but believed I had been given one earlier in the dream, though I don't recall that ever happening.
Some of the objects inside the ship began to fade, and disappear...as if they were being taken off with a tractor beam.
pilot: (yelling) "Hey, GIVE ME BACK MY LUNCH!"
Note I perceived that the pilot's girlfriend was flying another ship, and was playfully siphoning items off. The objects that were taken rematerialized.
When we finally landed in a hangar, I reminded the pilot about the condoms and cigarettes. He winked and showed me they were in the pockets of his jacket. We entered a brightly lit area that looked like a department store, with several circular tables with arrangements of objects on them. One had rings of sodas, that people would take from.
me: "I'm disappointed that if this is some kind of virtual future that when I take a soda can from the table then it's gone, as opposed to--say--automatically sprouting a new one."
No one seemed to answer, but a woman who was looking at a table of mugs and other products stacked two high made a commentary on that table.
woman: "Oh, I see. The bottom object is the early incarnation of the product, and the top object is the refinement."
It seemed she was correct, although the differences were subtle between the top and bottom objects. She started to match unpaired objects in their proper stack, until she found two corked bottles. One was very large and one was small.
me: "I wonder which is the early version and which the later version. Often times they'll repackage products to be smaller, because the change in packaging offers an opportunity to shrink how much you are given to increase profit margins."
There were some people discussing gossip about a woman who was in a menage-a-trois at that very moment, and said that she was "going through a goddess phase". I don't remember much about what they said, but one girl listening made a little sing-song tone and said 'disease will bring them together, and disease will take them apart'." I decided to move on.
me: "I'm going to go see what else I can before I wake up, and anyone who wants to come with me please do."
girl: "Yes, come with me."
She dashed off down a corridor and I followed.
me: "Uh, what was with that spaceship and fighting stuff?"
girl: "Oh they were just defending their territory. Yeah, probably not the best stuff to be showing you, it's one of the worst recruiting scenarios we've got."
me: "All right, then why would I be shown THAT?"
girl: "Because my dad was a fighter pilot and has connections. He thinks he can get you in that way. Just in case the sales team doesn't take you."
About this time we started walking through a colored obstacle course. There were segmented areas, with various holes, and I got stuck in one of the sections. It was as if I'd gotten into a chamber while I was very small, and then I had expanded to a size that I could no longer exit the chamber from any direction.
She had darted ahead, and I could see her through one of the holes. I realized there was an additional "dimension" that I could move into that I hadn't seen before. When I saw it, I was able to shift to it and grab a set of handles to "flip through" the course sections. My body wasn't actually inside the course at that point, I had climbed out and was on the side of it.
A man in a white outfit started following along and flipping them with me, perhaps resetting what I had done.
man: "Congratulations babies, you passed the test."
He went up to some kind of roster on a wall, and I wasn't sure if there was going to be any more challenges. I pleaded for understanding.
me: "I don't think this is a good time to be testing me. I have, over time, been getting better at operating stably in dream environments. But it's far from perfect."
man: "What's your concern?"
me: "I'm just saying that I don't want to be judged on ability when my skin has started buzzing and I'm about to wake up."
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