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I Still Have Human DNA

Date: 3-Jun-2008/11:58+3:00

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Characters: me, man

I was walking down a hallway and had to keep stopping to spit seeds out of my mouth into a bathroom. Then I got to another bathroom and had more seeds, so I spat those out. I put some in my hand and they were wet, and seemed to be vibrating a bit. I carried them down stairs and found a man there.
me: "Please help, what are these seeds?"
man: (looking) "Oh, those are [name]...it's what those kangaroos were all so worried about. Shouldn't be a problem."
me: "But they are a problem. They keep growing in my mouth. When I spit them out, they seem to grow in my hands too."
man: "Oh. Hmmm."
Note I documented a similar contagion in a dream where I described budding mouth disease
Throwing the seeds onto the ground, the man bent over to look at them. He squeezed the seed so he could look at the inside.
man: "Yes, the problem is, these are yours. Look."
me: (squatting) "What am I supposed to look at about them?"
man: "You have to open them up to see."
He squeezed one of the seeds in some way that it expanded to a large size, and I could see that inside it were two chambers. The chambers were filled with a whitish goo. One chamber was fatter and had a slightly different shade of goo in it.
man: "Half of that is from a goat, which is probably where you caught it. But the other half is coming from you. This means you still have human DNA, so you're still on the wrong floor(?)"
me: "How do I get to the right place?"
man: "You have to find [name] and Erin Robertson, they'll know."
me: "Is this the same Erin who was connected with Monty Python?"
man: "Yes."
Note I may have that name wrong, it was hard to remember, but Erin was the first name. How I knew the Monty Python connection is unknownst to me...and I can't find any Erins affiliated with Monty Python on the web, other than as fans.
me: "How do I get in touch with them? Can anyone you know contact them?"
man: "I'm afraid not."
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