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Drunk at Brown with Susan Cornfeld

Date: 22-Dec-2008/11:43+3:00

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Characters: me, her, guy, guy one, guy two

I was at some kind of dance club which had narrow stairways of mesh metal for getting from one area to another. They were something like fire escapes. While descending I was speaking to a girl who was traveling along with me.
me: "I should have known it was a dream from earlier."
her: "How do you ever know for sure?"
me: "Good question, I mean, what is a 'dream' anyway. But there are instabilities, for example, your hair color changed between the top of the stairs and here."
her: "What were you doing drunk at Brown anyway?"
me: "Huh?"
She started looking like someone else I knew from the past, and others in the club started looking like familiar faces as well. I began asking if it was possible for anyone to get me information about the real people who they were resembling. I didn't get much, but at one point someone mentioned the name "Susan Cornfeld" right before I had a false awakening.
Believing myself to be in my room and using my computer, I decided to look up Susan Cornfeld. When I did, there was a page that was very fancy--a well laid out hi-tech portfolio of someone who seemed to dabble in a lot of different areas (music, technology). Checking my inbox, it was full of mail--much from people I don't know.
me: (frustrated) "Who are all these people?"
Someone, a guy, was now in my room and whispering in my ear. I was cued into realizing that it was still a dream.
me: "Hey, speak up, I can't hear you!"
guy: (annoyed) "Look. If you do believe the Matrix is real and all that, and that we need to be careful...couldn't you try being a little more discreet?"
me: "Not my style. Someone has to shout."
guy: "Well you need a hard line."
There was now another guy in the room, with a laptop, on my bed.
me: "I can access the internet from more than one place. I don't see how installing a phone line at my apartment would make any difference. Why don't YOU get a new connection?"
guy one: "Because it's not OUR side that has the problem. It's yours."
guy two: "We need you to run Skype."
I noticed there was an icon on the computer that was labeled Skype. The icon was incorrect--it was the icon for the audio editing program Audacity. I clicked it.
guy one: "I didn't realize there was Skype on this computer."
me: "Well, for your information, the icon isn't correct. That's the icon for an audio editing program called Audacity. You might want to get a copy of Skype from somewhere else."
A small dwarfish man came in the door. He made me nervous, so I trapped him between the door and the wall. He was strong--so he pushed it back open to get out--and looked mad. The two guys on the bed told him to leave the room. He hesitated and they became more menacing, saying "you've been warned!" I shut the door after he left.
me: "Who the heck was that?"
guy two: "Oh, they work in the building...they've been here a long time."
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