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Successful Pinching Defense

Date: 22-Dec-2008/12:55+3:00

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Characters: man, me, woman, policewoman

I thought I had woken up, but when I saw large projection screens on either side of the room I knew something was up. It was difficult to read what was being shown, but it was an instructional video (infomercial?) about something that was "Holographic".
Some small child was next to the bed. Because I was having trouble reading I asked him if he could read it. He narrated back some things that I forget. I got out of the bed and went to the next room, where a large number of people were gathered--the video was showing there too.
Sitting on a bench, there were some people next to me. The environment seemed bustling, like an airport. A man next to me on the bench seemed to start pinch-attacking me on the side just above the waist. I resisted and at one point decided to just startle him by laughing and taking his glasses and putting them on. The technique worked--disengaging the attack.
While he was stunned I began pinching his lower arm really hard. His personality had seemed to change to one of being helpful now, and he rolled up his sleeve a bit.
man: "You've got the right idea, but you have to attack higher up. Like here. And pull the skin while you pinch."
I followed his instructions and he grimaced.
man: "Okay, stop now. But yes, that's it."
me: "Where are we?"
man: "A foreign land, and it's just too frustrating to work with you."
He started to walk away, I followed.
man: "Bill keeps calling me and telling me about trouble you're in."
me: "Bill who?"
man: "No, Bell. Bell Labs. Anyway, after a hundred times it just isn't worth bailing you out."
me: "I'd be easier to work with if I knew what any of this is about. Why not contact me when I'm awake and EXPLAIN it? I'd remember."
He laughed, and as we were walking there were groups of people gathered around in what seemed to be a kitchen. One of the people by the sink began to attack me with a pinch, but I counter-pinched his neck and began to pull like the man had suggested. My attacker seemed very uncomfortable, and eventually his body sprang aaway almost like I'd popped a balloon.
Quite happy at finally having won such a bout, I continued in the kitchen. I noticed that the crowd of people who had originally been there were now replaced by a large number of black people. One younger-seeming black woman came up to me.
woman: "You should join up with us."
me: "Join up and do what?"
She didn't answer, but pickpocketed my coat, pulling out a couple of bills. She started to run away but then laughed at the money and put it down.
woman: "Ha, that's not worth anything at all."
I retrieved the few strange bills from the table she'd put them on. The denomination was 750 but it wasn't clear what the country issuing it was. I followed her toward some roped-off lines, and there were police-type figures with microphones addressing the crowd.
policewoman: "It is very important that if anyone has come to you and touched you in the crotch that you inform us immediately."
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