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Earthbound Link To Palm Springs

Date: 19-Jul-2017/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, man

I was in a rather lucid state, where my awareness of my location was very high. I recounted where I was, accurately--to someone in an office.
me: "I'm in Palm Springs California, at a place called the Knight's Inn. That's spelled K N I G H T'S I N N. I'm in room 26. If you need to get in touch with me, get an Earthbound link and call them."
This was true. It was a particularly low-end hotel, even by my standards.
Someone picked up a phone and when they did, an alarm went off.
me: (sighing) "Oh, crap."
I paced while the building seemed to get into a frenzy. A non-frenzied man got off of an elevator and approached me. I decided to try being friendly.
me: (extending hand) "I'm going to guess you're looking for me."
He reached out and shook my hand, and started walking me out.
me: "Look, I'm going to wake up anyway. You don't have to attack me. Just wait a few minutes, we'll talk and hang out--I'll be out of your hair before you know it."
man: "We have only the best interest in your development as a being."
He seemed to reach around my back and inject me with a thing, as per usual.
me: (furious) "Dammit! I swear...well if you're 'developing' me then be warned, this treatment is only going to make me madder once I am developed. And I'll be coming back for you with more than just injections."
When I awoke I just sort of had a weird vision. Though hard to call it a vision. It was knowledge of a report about a widely circulated stock photo of a baby making a lewd drawing of some kind. It had caused an issue about the parents of the baby. The origin of the photo was traced, and discovered that this photo from a stock photo site had originated on another stock photo site, and the drawing had been faked in.
This is fairly common these days, as I just saw a picture of fake toy-company logo tattoo jobs on babies. It's becoming par for the course for people to be outraged by faked photos--no machine learning needed to fool the average idiot.
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