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It's Not An Elevator Bug, It's An Elevator Feature

Date: 26-Oct-2008/11:22+3:00

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Characters: me, elevator operator, man, girl, woman

I had several dreams, they were taking place in some kind of restaurant in a mall, and would end in an attack. The dreams would start on the first floor of the building where there was an elevator. A woman would send a man into the elevator and then down a floor, using some controls to time how long doing so before bringing it back up.
me: "Wait a second. What are you doing?"
elevator operator: "It's a timing issue, very specific."
me: "What benefit do you get by going down a floor and then coming up at a specific time? Are you exploiting a bug?"
elevator operator: "I don't know if I'd say that. Elevators are a system, systems have properties."
me: (sigh) "Are you saying --It's not a bug, its a feature--? I've known programmers like you."
man: "She didn't want to give root access to the elevator console, but had to. It was an order from higher up."
I went to the main floor of the restaurant, there was a fair amount of confusing stuff going on. Trying to defend myself from attacks, I asked someone about it while poking him.
me: "What is with these attacks?"
girl: "Oh, you mean like this?"
She caused some kind of piercing pain in my groin, and I didn't see quite how.
me: "Yes, exactly!"
By now I'd come upon some people at a window that looked very much like a receptionist desk at a cheap medical clinic--lots of files, a rotary phone, and a woman sitting behind a desk. There were piles of thick blue hardcover books in front of her, which were volumes of something called 'Sara on Art', it was hard to get a fix on.
woman: "You're the closest path I have to my women, so when I want to make an edit to one of them, I say 'hey, rip this guy out'."
me: (angry) "Oh yeah? Well that's not going to fly. You don't know who you're dealing with!"
woman: "Cerulean is it, today?"
me: "It's not me you should be afraid of, this is wrath of God type stuff. You may have the upper hand in technology in some way--but what sees through my eyes has a lot more than this crap."
I knocked her black rotary phone off the desk and bopped her on the head with a nearby water bottle before waking up.
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