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Jeeew-L and the Michael Bolton Shirt

Date: 28-Apr-2012/9:56+3:00

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Characters: man, me, asian girl

Circumstance was that I became aware I was dreaming, grabbed controls of some helicopter-like device, and flew around in it. There was an overhead control and a wheel to the left and right. Having only two hands I grabbed the left control and the overhead one, leaving the right one alone...but I was panicking because I didn't really know what these controls would do. Somehow I kept the helicopter from crashing, though I could sense or hear people on the ground calling for help...as if I was flying a police helicopter or something and they thought I would be able to help them.
I aimed for a spot on the ground, landed, and the helicopter folded itself up into some kind of backpack. I went to put it on and walk off, but was stopped by a man at a desk who insisted I needed to sign in for having landed. Still knowing I was dreaming, I tried to interact with the sign-in computer, but had no idea what information it was asking me for. I surrendered and presented myself to the people at the desk, telling them I was asleep in a bed in Austin and it was 2012 and I really had no f'in clue what was going on.
As soon as I did so, they seemed to prepare weapons to attack me.
man: "Oh, look we what we have here...a REAL EUGENE."
I waved my hands and pleaded and said "I don't know what you think about what is true or not true about me, or what you've been told, I just haven't been told anything, please believe me. I'll hear you out, you can hear me out, but I'm not doing anything threatening. Let's just talk, okay?"
They seemed to ease up and a crowd started to gather around me, to protect me from them. One was an Asian girl wearing a white dress with moire patterns on it and some primary colored symbols I recognized. I went to her and said:
me: "I know this pattern, and this material. You are from Google. Help me!!!"
Note I now realize in retrospect that the pattern I recognized was from the headband in the video "Light Outside", by a band perhaps appropriately named "Wakey, Wakey"
asian girl: "Yes, I'm a fan of Google... but... you know who else I like?"
She paused and looked at me intently.
asian girl: "Michael Bolton."
People around us looked completely perplexed. I struggled in my semi-conscious state to respond, and remember why Michael Bolton was cool...it took me a little time, but I remembered the Saturday Night Live music video Captain Jack Sparrow:
me: "Yes! Michael Bolton is great...because...of Captain Jack Sparrow!"
She seemed happy that I'd mentioned it, the audience looked perplexed at the two of us. Trying to go further, I sang a line of the song:
me: (singing) "This is the tale... of Captain Jack Sparrow..."
So goes the typical weird dream, but this had a followup in waking life. A friend of mine had a birthday the next day, and he was wearing an all white T-shirt with a square picture that appeared to be the cover from a Michael Bolton album. He said...and I didn't challenge...that he was once a drummer, and that the reason he had the shirt is that he'd been commissioned to play drums in Michael Bolton's band, in his post-fame era. So I recounted the dream above to him.
He was surprised and thought that was an interesting coincidence. Suddenly out of nowhere he just makes this weird noise and goes: "JoooooooL!"
When I asked him what he had just said, he replied by saying: "I don't know. Sometimes I make weird noises, involuntarily. That was kind of an odd one, wasn't it? It's like I was started saying 'Jew' but I ended it with an L... like I was saying 'Jewel'."
This particular friend has no background in reading my journal, or the odd experiences I've had in the past with appearances of folks singer Jewel...a musician I don't particularly follow.
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