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Date: 21-Oct-2007/10:43+3:00

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Characters: me, script, man

I was watching a TV which was showing a broadcast of a music video, and it had embedded information which would cause objects to pop up in the room, but this would only happen if you had taken a certain drug. People who hadn't taken the drug would just see the video signal... kind of like how you don't get closed captioning information unless you have a TV that decodes it. (Or in this case, more like not having pop up advertisements unless you have installed Macromedia Flash). The chemical you took was a compound called "Photodiocene".
Realizing that I was asleep, I began asking about the chemical formula for Photodiocene. A paper appeared with a diagram. It was a very large molecule, and I fretted that there was no way I was going to remember it. Also, even though it had a couple of carbon rings and nitrogen atoms hanging off, there was an odd symbol -- like a red dot inside a diamond -- that was attached at one point. A dialogue began running on the sheet of paper I was studying in handwritten script.
me: "This is going to be incredibly difficult for me to memorize."
script: "Well, try."
me: "It's not going to work."
script: "Just take your time."
The term diocine seems to be in common use to refer to the religious issue of Diocese. However, there are a few scattered references that come up on Google for "diocene chemical". One as a product ingredient:
...and another essay which Google has indexed on "Isotope Effects Associated with [alpha]-Olefin Insertion" requires you to sign up for some kind of journal account, but has this snippet:
"This documents the chemical equivalence of .... diocene catalyst gave, at ... (Hedione@),['] an important perfumery chemical, from hept- ..."
...and I posted an inquiry on Google Groups but no one seemed to know for sure.
The person who was sharing the information with me also did some kind of download of code for me into a computer. He was using a protocol like ZModem. As I was trying to look at the code, a bunch of very slick-looking graphic design advertisements for clubs and came up, cluttering my view.
me: "This is awful, how do I make it stop?"
man: "Don't look away. In fact, pay attention to these flyers so you understand what the lifestyle is like. Pretty much every night, people party and hire six hookers."
Something about the idea that this virtual world existed and people weren't being informed of it made me mad. An aspect of the experience of being informed by this person reminded me of the voices guiding John Nash.
me: "Did John Nash see things from this world? Is that why he started acting crazy?"
man: "Well, I suspect Nash actually knew about all this before he flipped."
He started into a speech about history, and started to looked a bit like the comic-book-guy from the Simpsons.
me: "I'm going to wake up soon. Quick, do something!"
man: (irritated) "I'm worried about what you would be like if we met, because you always seem so frenzied."
me: "I'm sorry, but you must realize that I am very different in waking life--where I don't constantly have to worry about waking up."
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