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Pure Format Math

Date: 13-Dec-2010/9:56+3:00

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Characters: dog, me, woman, man, fat girl, balcony man

A brown curly-haired dog approached me. It was licking me and as it did, it caused an uncomfortable feeling.
dog: "Just a little more..."
me: "Okay, I still don't understand this thing with the dogs! Get away!"
It kept licking and I couldn't push it away, its face began to sort of melt or alter in the places where it had contacted me. A large, more severe looking dark colored great-dane stepped in between me and the dog. I sensed that it was protecting me. I pet it, and it just stared off in a direction as it blocked the dog. A woman seated in a chair began speaking to me.
woman: "You know, there's a moment of choice. You have to decide if you want to live in a simulation... or at the level of reality at which we know it."
me: "Like the Matrix blue pill, red pill thing?"
woman: "Basically."
me: "But how does anyone know they live in 'reality'? Who's to say it doesn't cascade in all directions, and that if you go deep enough it just is a snake eating itself. Until someone offers me an explanation for what I do that makes any sense, maybe I'm proof of that."
A man seated nearby, gave me a grumpy look.
man: "There is such a thing as pure format math. That is the prime reality, and no evidence exists to the contrary."
Meanwhile, the annoying dog started coming after me again.
me: "If you guys live in a simulation, can't you download a yard or something to put these damn dogs in?"
woman: "We don't usually have guests in this house, it's been many years. But no, we can't do that."
me: "What do you mean you can't do that?"
woman: "It hasn't been allocated and approved."
me: "We've got Google Sketchup and if you want another room on your virtual house you drag it out. I don't get it."
Things sort of phased out for me a bit, and I found myself in a room with a few kind of large white people sitting in chairs.
fat girl: "Oh look. If it isn't the time-traveling alien."
me: "What? People are talking about simulations and I totally understand that bit, but what I don't understand is what am I. And why no one gives me a straight answer."
fat girl: "I can tell you that we're an alternate branch from your world, from your 1996. You may notice that we have really big necks, it was a difference in the code."
me: "Do you sleep and dream and just materialize in other places?"
fat girl: "Nope."
me: "I don't see how... if there's some kind of memory erasure or something, you really just can't do that and then leave the variant of yourself without the memory stuck in a situation like this. It's not right."
A man standing on a balcony looked down and yelled at me.
balcony man: "Oh. Well now he gets it...!"
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