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Simple Math For Someone Who Can Understand It

Date: 15-Jul-2006/16:14+3:00

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Characters: guy, me

While using my computer outdoors, there was an unusual email on my laptop, addressed to me. It had a subject line with symbols in it--something like "•"•★•"•simple math•"•♥•"•for someone who can understand it•"•★•"•". When I opened the message, it was running an animation in the title bar.
The animation looked like Conway's Game of Life:
...which is commonly studied by computer scientists.
I assumed there was some kind of web browser vulnerability going on. Looking to see if I was running Internet Explorer, I saw that I was running Firefox. Whatever was going on was making the browser hang, so I went to kill it. But I was interrupted by a guy who came by.
guy: "You have to get home now, this isn't a safe place."
me: "I don't know if you're trying to distract me from my dream investigation or trying to help me. But I'll tell you what...if you tell me a funny joke, I'll listen to your advice."
He started into a joke that didn't seem very funny, but while he was doing so everyone started clearing the area as if something dangerous was about to happen. I decided to make a run for it, but fell on the sidewalk. A horse trotted up to me and licked my hand, which woke me up.
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