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The Indestructible Man

Date: 6-Jul-2006/13:13+3:00

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Characters: me, man, people, guy, vampire guy

I was watching a very well rendered driving video game, and noticed that you could make your character get out of one car and into another. It was even possible to get in the back seat, which meant you couldn't drive. Suddenly I found myself inside of the game in the front seat of the car--with my character in the back.
My interest turned to the radio and what might be on "dream radio". In the meantime, the other guy in the car had gotten into the front seat and was driving through a nicely decorated shopping district. There were only a few people around climbing on ladders and roofs. I got out of the car.
me: (to passing man) "I'm having a medical psychological emergency. I'm looking for a hospital, can you direct me to the nearest one?"
man: "You won't find any of those here, this is a Jewish area. You should try Hollywood."
me: "Okay."
Note It didn't seem that strange at the time that Jewish neighborhoods wouldn't have hospitals, but now it does.
I tried hitch-hiking, but no one wanted to give me a ride. Somehow I could telekinetically force cars to stop, but they'd disappear before I could get into them. Following the sidewalk for a while, I eventually decided to try taking a shortcut by plowing my way through some houses...destroying walls to get through them.
There were some people watching, so I apologized.
me: "I'm sorry for destroying your house. I'm not here to cause trouble or steal anything, I was actually looking for a shortcut. If I seem disoriented, it's because I'm 'dreaming'...I don't know if you are aware of what I mean by that."
people: (nodding) "Oh we know. We can tell by looking at you who you are. They make one indestructible man--it's to keep humanity safe."
me: (confused) "Did you say I was indestructible? What do you mean? I'm certainly not indestructible when I wake up. Something I'm really the most interested in is the connection between wherever we are now and the place I am in my 'waking life'. Can you tell me anything about that relationship?"
guy: "It will all become clear to you over the next 10 days."
He was going through some lists of people and he pointed out a plumber and a guy who worked at a Chinese restaurant.
me: "This would be easy for me to remember, if I had to. But should I? Is it important?"
guy: "The plumber is no longer relevant. But you should remember Hung Hu Chinese Restaurant."
Note Hung-hu turns out to not be a common phrase. It roughly translates to "red-beard" or "bandit", if you believe the internet. There are a couple of people named "Hung Hu", doing various kinds of interesting work...but no obvious lucid dreamers.
me: "Okay, so if I can find this restaurant...what am I supposed to do? Is there something I should order?"
guy: "I don't remember suggesting you should go."
Another person walked up to us off the street whose eyes were glowing in an eerie demon-like way, which caught me off guard. He had vampire features.
vampire guy: "I'm sorry...the eyes. Yeah, I have screens to take care of that."
me: "That's all right."
vampire guy: "That guy you're talking to...he's someone I have a deep respect for."
me: "What is all of this, anyway? What am I going to learn in 10 days? Are you guys recruiting for some kind of vampire cult?"
vampire guy: "Maybe we are."
He got kind of angry at me and turned into some kind of weird head on a stick that went to bite off my thumb. Annoyed, but unfazed, I pulled myself together and reassembled my thumb with my other hand.
me: "Why'd you do that?"
The fight escalated and I woke up.
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