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The Reconfiguring Lego Touchpad

Date: 15-Jul-2006/20:31+3:00

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Characters: me, old guy

In a room, I had seen a device built of LEGOs that was able to reconfigure itself. I followed out toward a crowd and asked them about it.
me: "Can someone tell me how that LEGO device works? I'd like it explained in layman's terms."
I remained rather focused while people seemed ignore me and talk about music.
me: "Let me stress that I'm rather serious about wanting information. Please stop changing the subject."
An older guy listened, and walked me back in the room. He let me examine them, and it seemed like they had magnets on them. When they were placed on a special pad that looked and felt like a touchpad on a laptop, the pieces would jump into the correct position.
me: "Can I see the inside of the parts or have them broken open?"
old guy: "We created an artificial intelligence, but at the same time we also had to build a distraction device to keep it confused. The confusion is necessary--because without that, it goes ballistic and thinks too fast for it to consider our communications relevant."
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