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Screening Questions for The Terminator

Date: 24-Apr-2010/6:38+3:00

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Characters: me, black man, white man, woman, man, tall woman

After a long and kind of unusually panic-inducing transitions, I found myself falling onto the floor in an embrace with a black man in a red shirt. He seemed to want to do something sexual. I sat up and looked at him...as I did I began to sort of float.
Using my mental focus I tried reshaping him into a woman. I managed to somehow give him long hair and re-did his face, but it was still kind of stubbly.
me: "Can you change your face to something more feminine? And wait, how are you doing these changes...are you doing them or am I?"
black man: "You need to get back down on the ground. Just push yourself onto it, forcefully. And notice what happens when you keep pushing."
I did as he suggested, and after seating myself on the floor I continued to push. My lower half began to bulge out as if my body were made out of some kind of gel. When I stopped pushing the shape returned to normal. It made me think of what it might have felt like to be the memetic poly-alloy villain in Terminator 2.
black man: "If you want to get into the help subsystem, make a pinching motion at the floor, like this."
He squeezed his hand onto the floor. I tried to do as he suggested, but didn't notice anything change. A group of people joined him, and I asked them the usual question of where-am-I and how-did-I-get-here and who-are-you-people.
white man: (sighing) "I sort of feel there are some good 'screening questions' for you to think about before any of us start giving you the answers you think you want. Here's one for starters. Why is God divided into more than one being?"
me: "Usually I quote Mark Danielewski on that one, and mmrrph..."
My mouth began to fell like it was filling with ectoplasm or something, which interfered with my speaking. I pointed to it, and asked if there was anything they had to fix that.
white man: "It's ice, and you're generating it. I'm not sure we have anything hot enough around here to stop it, so you're going to have to focus on making your mouth very hot. A mirror could help; there's one over there."
I walked to a mirror and looked at the stuff inside it. A chunk of things that looked like ice crystals were indeed attached to my tongue. By thinking about it being hotter, the ice crystals began to melt away and I could speak again, so I returned to the question.
me: "Okay I was trying to say 'Why did God create a dual universe? So he might say 'be not like me, I am alone'...and it might be heard. I mean, there's technical reasons too...you can't cast a car out of concrete and expect it to work, it has to have separate moving parts. We have to be those separate moving parts."
The man sort of shrugged at me, and a woman who had been listening to what I was saying interjected.
woman: "Funny. I always thought the Universe was created for the sole purpose of safely containing all the property in Ventura county."
There was a noise outside, and I felt panicked as if something was going to break down the door and come in to kill me. The man pointed to two computer systems, on either side of the room.
man: (to the group) "Okay, we're going to have to split up. You cover that system, we'll cover the other."
Everyone seemed to have lost interest in talking to me at that point, and I began to have trouble with ice-mouth again. It frustrated that everyone was abandoning me to do something instead of explaining anything. A tall woman came over to speak to me.
tall woman: "Sorry that happened. But I think... if you're interested in my perspective on it, I can make a pretty good shot at connecting the dots between this context and what you're used to."
me: "That would be great!"
Unfortunately, I got attacked by some dogs, the room started to jumble up and I couldn't find that woman again.
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